These Huge salon mirrors were given to me by a client, who wanted them covered in bold bright and funky fabrics, right up my street!   

They came and searched through my fabric collection and we came up with a combination of vintage fabrics, ( one being a 1970s Marks and Spencers dress ‘St. Michael’s’),to cover the top and bottom of mirrors and a newish flat printed velvet down each side. 

The one huge frame was originally from ikea. And had the highest sheen so that had to be sorted out so that the fabric would actually adhere to the surface. Then i made two frames for the other two, smaller mirrors.

They were then covered. I handmade two large flower adornments for the largest mirror. Hand stitched the petals, each backed on some deep blue felt. The flower centres are upcycled out of fringing and an old wooden toy wheel.

Each frame has Antique brass studs adorning each corner.

These mirrors are really going to make an impact in any shop interior.But how amazing that they are going to be looked at so much in a salon! I Can’t wait to see what they have done with them!

They certainly brightened up my workshop whilst they were here. I absolutely love working on a larger scale…

Check them out….


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