Ello Funky Folk,

So it’s been a little crazy since February. Lots of making going on here along with the bloomin brilliant Severn Sisters Arts Collective exhibition ‘Flora and Fauna’ we held for two weeks at the Severn Side Press in Newnham on Severn. Owned and run by Tony and Alex as a very stylish homely boutique bed and breakfast next to the river Severn in the fabulous village of Newnham.

The Severn Side Press is their home and they’ve renovated it with such a sympathetic nod to it’s artistic raw heritage that it holds an arty classy warm vibe. They hold regular tapas and supper evenings you should check them out. I’m heading to the next tapas evening a soon as i can! It’s a nice vibe beautiful interiors with great hosts.

We all felt very privileged to have our work in there as a sisterhood. And the visitors gave such great feedback and amazing sales it’s really been something all us 14 + sisters are all very grateful for so Thank You Alex and Tony! And all you lovely folk that came, viewed and spent your hard earned cash on our creativity from all of the Severn Sisters. We couldn’t create what we do without you all supporting us whether it be footfall or sales.

It’s been a real joy meeting some new incredibly talented sisters, reconnecting with some and missing some. It feels like a very special group of women (with the token bloke/brother obviously). Can’t wait to catch up with you all at some point soon x

I can’t leave this exhibition and post behind without shouting out huge thanks to these two for the months of work they put into curating our work. 14 + of us creative women Forest and Severn Side , you are amazing Annie and Lisa aka Mother Superior and Sr. Fun Size. I appreciate you both very much!

Below are a few pics of the work i submitted.

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