These are the pieces that I have in stock at the moment, sitting in the wings.

If you would like to commission any of them or just chat about potential ideas then please drop me message on the contact page. No obligation to buy.

The above console table is currently being redesigned in my head. The playing stage. If you have an idea for it to suit your home style then get in touch soon. Nothings final on it yet!

This gorgeous circa 1950s sewing table is so cute. It’s oak veneer with a lot of practical storage inside. The cotton try slides from side to side giving easy access to the deep bottom storage space. On metal castors.

Check inside out! The possibilities for this piece are endless. I’d obviously love to bring the oak veneer back to bare wood and add add some funk inside. If you think you might like to own it please drop me a message and we can chat x

Height, 55.5 Length,61cm Depth, 40.5cm