Here you will find some of my collection of upcycled, vintage fabric covered mirrors, adorned with vintage fringing, tassels and buttons . I especially love using fantastic old dresses, that have unusual fabric. These are all completely one off pieces, that are great conversation starters also making great small gifts. through to a huge statement mirror for your home or shop interior. They are all completely different and can be made to suit your interior and colour scheme. I’ve got loads of fabrics to choose from!

These were made for a salon . A mixture of new and Vintage fabrics including a 1970s dress were chosen by a client for these Huge mirrors.

Perhaps you have an old piece of fabric that is sentimental to you? Have you ever thought of having it turned into a mirror or picture frame ? If you’d like to see what the possibilities are, then please feel free to drop me a message, with a picture of the fabric on the contact page …

This mirror is covered in a 1950s ditsy floral pattern in mustard and yellow. It is edged in a vintage fringing i orange and brown. It’s then finished with a graphite effect chain to hang … I have named this one ‘ the Lioness’ It measures 46cm across and from top bottom. £55

This is ‘Edith’, she had a new shaped frame made from bed slats and off cut wood. She was then covered in this glorious very rare 1950s bark cloth. Edith has now found her forever home and is extremely happy there.

This mirror is covered in a 1970s Marks and Spencer dress ! Edged in bright pink and purple fringing. This rectangular psychedelic mirror is not for the faint hearted . It measures 55cm x 45cm £50

The Beaver Mirror’ 😉 is covered in vintage magazine adverts from 1919-1927. I carefully selected comical and retro style adverts . A conversation starter for sure. This is listed on the for sale page. £65

This large bevelled mirror, that is now covered in a 1950s metallic and light teal evening gown has four floral hand stitched flowers , which are adorned with an old Indian blue glass bead necklace and buttons . It measures 75m x 65cm . £95 This has now found its forever home


This rather fabulous bevelled mirror is covered in a 1960s dress ! It is adorned with a large hand stitched flower in the same fabric backed on a dark navy thick felt. With added double teal button detail and finished with matching teal rope .
This measures 84cm x 61cm .
It can be hung either horizontally or vertically. £90

This cute oval mirror has been covered in a mustard 1950s dress fabric with tiny floral detail and edged with thick yellow rope detail . It measures 41cm x 35cm. £40

This box mirror was covered in a vintage velvet , in black , teal and mustard oriental pattern. With four mirrored Indian large buttons to add a little sparkle . I’ve reused a vintage bamboo handbag handle to hang it . £50 This is now in its forever home !

Here are some more….

These Fabulous mirrors now live in a funky Salon in Coleford, called ‘Changes’! Absolutely loved working on a larger scale with these. The frames were made for the smaller two. But the largest six foot one was an ikea mirror.