This is the colour scheme for the Alice in Wonderland unit that is top become a counter in Alice & The Hare Salon in Chepstow. We have gone for Little Greene ‘Jewel Beetle’. With this extremely luxurious deep purple velvet with a regal gold print on. This will sit under some class on the top of unit. The feet of the cabinet will be painted in a beautiful gold and the shelves inside will also pop with gold, which will make Alice’s products stand out on display beautifully. No doubt there will be little tweaks along they way, so i’ll keep you posted.

Whilst stripping the cabinet i found this amazing grain on the back board. It’s stunning and reminds me of Zebra print. I’m not sure of what wood this is , but Elm has been suggested. If you can give me any other clues i’d love to hear them. Thank you x

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