What a wonderful world! Flying the flag for sustainable furniture here in the Royal Forest of Dean!

Doing all I can to help mother nature retain her splendour and glorious beauty.

I use eco friendly products where possible. Obviously this can be tricky on certain restoration projects. But i try and use low VOC products and natural waxes and oils on majority of my pieces. When I courier pieces I mostly use recycled packaging. Hoping that my clients reuse to post things themselves.

I feel quite proud when I think of all of the pieces that I’ve saved from landfill or being burnt!

I’m slowly trying to build a green roof on my workshop. Helping wildlife thrive whilst insulating the workshop at the same time.

I’m aiming on and working towards eventually running my workshop off solar 🤞

I feel that the majority of us are trying to be as sustainable as possible these days. So let’s keep it up! We’ve all appreciated mother nature more over lockdown. It’s the small changes we all make in everyday life that really makes a big difference in the end 💚

What can you do to reduce your carbon footprint? Perhaps start purchasing vintage furniture 😉 as opposed to buying brand new mass produced MDF pieces, which is often not built to last.

Vintage pieces rock so much more character, soul, history, and quality.

Why buy new? 😕

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