completely untouched 1890 Lithograph by J.Haller


hand signed in pencil by J. haller.

dated 1890

Viewing recommended if interested

Great condition

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Fantastic condition for its age.

‘J.Haller’ signed bottom right of print in pencil which he only signed if he hand pressed/printed the piece.

landscape print

Original etching

Left hand top corner reads ‘copyrighted by Radtke & Lauckner & co New York 1890’

A small 1.5″ test etching sketch near bottom left corner. I believe this to be the reverse view of this piece. next print possibly?

J. Haller only signed art works when he had inked and etched by hand after the lithograph had been pulled off printing plate, and only signed these in pencil. Which this has in the right hand corner.

This really needs to be seen up close. The detail of the carving of the trees is pretty special and i can’t get the right picture through glass.

I’ve researched other J.Haller Lithographs and this one seems to be missing online..But i think I found the reverse view he did. They seem to be Southern American Rivers… but reminds me of the Severn around Newnham.

I’d love anyone to give me any knowledge they might have on J.Haller.?

The small inch wide ‘testing’ for the next print is towards the bottom left.

The detail on the trees is pretty incredible, very hard to photograph.


This was purchased in Gloucestershire. And i presumed it was around Newnham at the time. I was wrong

Please pop into workshop if you’d like to view. It really is special, incredible detail that i can’t photograph through glass.


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Dimensions 59 × 2 × 33 cm