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octagonal small side table

Lamp-plant-side- bedside table

Ochre, black , gold and copper eggshell

Durable wipeable

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SmallĀ  octagonal Moroccan style side-plant-lamp table.

This was covered in white chalk paint when i found it.

Completely stripped back its now rocking an aged caramel – ochre frame with black details to highlight and age. All in a durable eggshell finish.

The top wasn’t the prettiest so I’ve toned it in to have a red-brown base with copper paint to highlight some of the grains. Giving itĀ  a subtle almost zebra print. The copper is not bold but a subtle reflection in some lights.

The whole piece is highlighted in gold in all the right places This is completely sealed and wipeable

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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 46 cm