This whopper of a mirror which is over 6ft tall with a gloriously chunky frame was covered in an orange plastic coating approx. 4mm deep all over.

Colours not true on this pic. taken in my workshop at night. Just for scale. Scroll down for truer colours of fabric.

It was itching to be Redesigned. So I set to keying the surface, all over. Not a quick process when it’s a thick hard shiny plastic coating front and back.

I wanted to cover it in something funky but in a subtle way. It had many options available to it. But my heart went with two fabric choices that complimented each other with heavy woven textures and both rocking very subtle geometric prints (which made my life very complicated at times). But so worth it now. I’m proud of this one.

In my head it would sit in a special bedroom/dressing room or indeed a clothes boutique. Somewhere where someone is dressed up to the nines and checking themselves out! Saying that It could sit in living space or hallway/ stairwell very comfortably. The colours would suit most colour combinations.

The mirror is very true with a very clear reflection no scratches.

It would sit well on the floor or has proper fixings for its weight to hang horizontally or vertically. You would need to drill deeply into a wall to hang 4x due to the weight.

The fabrics I chose to cover the frame in are from G P & J Baker and Clarke & Clarke. I’ve had these beautifully heavy woven upholstery fabrics for years and I feel I’ve finally found the right piece for them. They both retail at approx. £50+ metre. You can see the quality and depth to texture in the fabric when stood looking at the mirror. Something that is very hard to photograph. So I highly recommend viewing.

Once I’d cut and lined up these two very geometric prints onto the frame I then upholstered them firmly into place with bronze studs. All around the interior of the mirror frame. A VERY tricky scenario deep deep concentration was needed against the glass for 100 1.5cm studs. Where the fabrics meet at each corner of the frame added jumbo aged bronze studs. Six on each corner , each 2.5cm wide. They are gorgeous and set it off amazingly.

Please come and see this beauty. You’ll never find another. I’m open to offers on it. And as said earlier the photos really don’t do it justice.

I’m looking for £350 or nearest offer. Message me if interested. No pressure to buy if you just want to think about it that’s fine x


Height; 191.5 cm

Width 94.5 cm

Depth 6 cm

Width of frame from mirror edge to outside edge of frame ; 20.5 cm

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