This was a sentimental commission. A family remember all sitting around this many moons ago. It was saved up for in the fifties and treasured. My Client has inherited it and asked me to make it beautiful again so that she can use it for a work from home desk.

Here’s how it came to me. Covered in dark brown varnish from head to toe.

It was stripped back completely revealing a much lighter piece with some fab grains in the oak frame and veneer.
My client works in the arts so I thought it only right that we added a bit of shimmer. So I started to add a built up a metallic painterly effect to the top edge band and the plinth it sits on. In golds bronzes and coppers.
The legs were then painted in a contrasting sleek black with copper bands around the carved detail.
Couldn’t be happier with the finish that I achieved on this piece. And my clients even happier! It can live on and be passed down to her children now. What a joy!

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