This huge mirror once stood in a salon. The mirror is therefore very true to look in.

Once covered in bright orange plastic coating. Now completely redesigned in designer GP&J Baker and Clarke and Clarke heavy woven upholstery fabrics. RRP £50+ per metre The subtle geometric patterns in each fabric meet perfectly from top to bottom and side to side on the frame.

The corners have been detailed in jumbo copper studs on each corner. Six on each perfectly positioned.

You have to see this mirror in person to appreciate the details. i.e.. the geometric print on the side panels of frame have diamond woven pattern in fabric that has shimmers of turquoise, tiny bits of pink with flecks of orange and green.

It appears different tones depending on where you view it from.

The inner of the frame where the fabric meets the mirror has approx. 150 smaller copper studs to compliment the Jumbo studs on corners. These were hammered in with the mirror intact… Quite a mission. Not a scratch on the glass though!

Viewing highly recommended


Height, 191.5CM

Length, 94.5cm

Depth of frame 5cm

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