These Mid Century Kitchen dining chairs chairs are Quitmann ltd. of Bristol furniture makers.

I’m fully aware that a lot of us like the vintage kitchen chairs but they have often been well used over the years and with their often delicately designed frames are found in a wobbly un sturdy state. These are far from that, they are in fantastic condition, so much so that I haven’t had to do anything to them. They have just been waxed and buffed up.

They have a curved backrest for good comfort. With a classic 1960s design, found in most homes from this era.

Two quality well made chairs that are to be found else where on the internet for more than double this price. So grab yourself a bargain if you fancy them. They are to be sold as a pair, I won’t split them up as they’ve been together for so long.

We could also discuss changing the fabric of the pads if you so wish , which is currently a red woven fabric which are both in a perfectly usable great in current condition. I could also strip them back to reveal their definite hardwood and probably beech wood which would bring them to a lighter tone. Contact me if you would like to discuss a price to do this.


Height; 83cm

Width; 40cm

Depth of seat pad ; 39cm

£70 for the pair in current condition as found

Fantastic vintage condition

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